In which my book launch is magic – and French air traffic controllers pour la Merde! on my travel plans

A book launch is like your first night with a new lover: the delicious exitement as you try not to be overwhelmed by expectations, just to be yourself. I was nervous but fired up just before launching my new book, Meet Me in Gaza, at the Woolfson … [Continue reading]

In which I gush with thanks and joy, as my new book, Meet me in Gaza, is published and has already garnered great reviews

My new book has just been published! I am so delighted to introduce Meet me in Gaza to the world: there is much celebrating to do - this has been a long hard beautiful journey to publication - but I will write again very soon. In the meantime, … [Continue reading]

In which silence speaks for herself

As a writer I travel for work, for pleasure, but most of all out of curiosity. I've just returned from my first trip to Morocco, a two-week holiday filled with sunshine, surprises, and moment of intense solitude. I was travelling alone, and after … [Continue reading]

in which I ponder Marrakesh, Shenanigans and the pull of the Palmerie

Sometimes, I am such a bloody slacker. This blog has needed / demanded / screamed to be updated - so appologies to anyone who has returned, only to read about MTs funeral shenanigans again. Shenanigans, now there's a good word that can be used to … [Continue reading]

In which I muse on Ironmongery, Central Africa and Guerrillas

There were always going to be eruptions of ire, anger and glee when Margaret Thatcher died. Last Monday I was in an Oxfam bookshop in a posh corner of London, buying a collection of short stories from a middle-age man in a luminous pink pullover, … [Continue reading]

In Which I Introduce My New Blog

Ladies and gentlemen, renegades and travellers  - this is my new blog. It is the first blog I've ever written… and I put it off for too long, because I didn't really know where to begin. But you have to start somewhere. So here goes. It has been … [Continue reading]

Meet Me in Gaza: Uncommon Stories of Life Inside the Strip

The Gaza Strip is a place synonymous with certain words: prison, terrorism, war, hopelessness, collateral damage,  and the seeming lost cause of the Palestinians. So many questions of life inside Gaza, however, remain unanswered. How do people, and … [Continue reading]

Where I enter Gaza, via the Gates of Rafah and muse over what has changed, or not

[Continue reading]

Selling Olga: Stories of Human Trafficking and Resistance

... But it feels like another war is still being fought here... a war against women. They are trafficked like cargo, and traded like stock; the price for each calculated according to how much profit can be extracted from her afterwards. Louisa Waugh … [Continue reading]

Hearing Birds Fly: A Nomadic Year in Mongolia

HEARING BIRDS FLY is Louisa Waugh's passionate account of working in a remote Mongolian mountain village, and the lives of the neighbours and friends she lived alongside. After two years in the Mongolian Capital, Ulan Bataar, the coldest capital … [Continue reading]