Below is a selection of resources for peacebuilding organisations and networks, for those of you who share my interest in this subject: (just click on the links). Happy browsing!

Peacebuilding Organisations:

International Alert

UK INGO based in South London, 30 years of experience, with offices across Africa, the Middle East and Asia, specializing in security governance, conflict sensitivity, natural resource management, violent extremism, gender and working with civil society organisations. Produces excellent conflict analysis reports, and also works with the private sector.

Conciliation Resources

London Based INGO working in the Caucuses, Latin America, the Horn of Africa plus East and Central Africa, dedicated to “accompanying” local partners. Produce Accorda globally respected publication analysing peacebuilding in depth, with publications on, for example, reconciliation and peace processes, as well as negotiating with armed groups.


London based INGO focussing with community programming, partnerships, global policy and advocacy, conflict and gender sensitivity, and learning. Has an office in Washington, 200 staff in 12 countries and specialises in security sector reform advocacy, as well as peacebuilding responses to terrorism and migration, and effective arms control.

Peace Direct 

UK NGO with offices in London and the US, focussing on supporting local networks of peace-builders. Currently working with 16 local organisations on the frontline of conflict in 12 countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East, including Syria, Zimbabwe and Sudan. Very focussed on the value of local peace-builders.


Geneva based INGO, describing itself as ‘rooted in local realities and drawing strength from an alliance of national teams with a long term commitment to building peace in their own societies’. Has developed a integrated “Track 6” approach to peacebuilding to ensure high-level policies also reflect local realities in order to contribute to legitimacy and sustainability.

West African Network for Peacebuilding 

Ghana based regional peacebuilding established in 1998 in response to civil wars plaguing West Africa. Has established strong national networks in every member of the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) and has more than 500 member organisations across West Africa. Places special emphasis on collaborative approaches to conflict prevention and peacebuilding, and provides courses and training on its contextual approach to conflict prevention across the region.

Institute for Security Studies

Non-profit Africa organisation with offices in Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia and Senegal. ISS specialises in conflict analysis in order “to enhance human security as a means to achieve sustainable peace and prosperity” focussing on, amongst other topics, transnational crime, migration, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, criminal justice and analysis of conflict and governance. They produce excellent short and longer analyses and research papers.

Danish Demining Group

Copenhagen based INGO: essentially a humanitarian mine action and armed violence reduction unit within the Danish Refugee Council. Addresses weapons’ supplies, explosive remnants of war (ERW) plus conflict management, mine action, small arms and light weapons and security system reform: delivers specialist training.

Campaign Against the Arms trade 

UK organisation working to end the international arms trade, advocating for security to be seen “in much broader terms that are not dominated by military and arms company interests”. A wider security policy would, it says, “have the opportunity to reallocate resources according to actual threats including major causes of insecurity such as inequality and climate change.” CAAT has taken legal action challenging the UK government decision to continue exporting arms to Saudi Arabia, despite increasing evidence that Saudi forces are violating International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in Yemen.