Articles and analysis

 the Schwedagon Pagoda in Burma This is a selection of articles I’ve published over the years, starting from some of the most recent. They cover some of my favourite topics; the Central African Republic (CAR ), Gaza and Burma, alongside book reviews, and a few quirkier offerings……!

I’ve posted several articles on the Central African Republic on the excellent and insightful African Arguments website, including an analysis of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission to the central African Republic (MINUSCA); also see this analysis of CARs political violence in the New Statesman magazine:

Another New Statesman commentary I wrote on how we have not been tackling human trafficking: 

I have not been able to visit Gaza for a while, though I’m still in regular contact with many of my friends there, and have promised to go back and see them soon. Last time I managed to get into Gaza, I wrote this article for the New Internationalist magazine: 

If you read the New Internationalist magazine (which you really should!) you’ll probably have come across my Gaza blog, which I wrote whilst living and working inside Gaza. If not, here is a sample or two of postings on daily life, in Gaza, the turbulent regional politics, the ‘International community’  and the joys of a good Hammam! I also wrote a ‘Gaza diary’ essay for the The London Review of Books. 

Apart from all of the above, I’ve also written reportage for the Guardian, covering human trafficking, Bosnian literature, women’s travel writing, and a bizarre Hay Literary Festival ‘story relay’ between me, Dave Eggers, Rose Tremayne and the wonderful but no-longer with us Beryl Bainbridge! This last Guardian article is not my greatest literary triumph, but worth reading just for the scurrilous comments!

And here’s an interview I did for Radio 4’s Excess Baggage: BBC Radio 4: Excess Baggage